Crash Skype for Linux

Quite recently the user Giperion report that sending http://: to a user on Windows or Android will “permanently” crash the installation. Until the official patch were released it was needed to downgrade (did anyone check deleting it from the Linux desktop client?). Now, also recently another IOS death by unicode bug were released.

So, here comes a third crash. By sending a character to a Linux Skype client it will crash in a similar manner as the Windows client. With that means that everytime the Linux user tries to access the messages from that user it will crash. Here’s a screenshot of it. In the background is Skype on Windows, sending the character and the VM should speak for itself.



Here’s a link to the offending character. You’ll see why I decided to put it on a different page :)


Apparently it crashes mIRC and makes chrome uncomfortable (whatever that means :)).

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